When is a bargain not a bargain?

Cheaper somewhere else, but at what cost?

We at Just Website’s Kent are very competitively priced but from time to time we hear a potential customer say – we could get this or that done cheaper elsewhere. This is probably true of course and we all love a bargain but sometimes, you really do get what you pay for!

A few examples of potential problems to avoid:

We can get a free webpage/website from x – true but how many of these ‘free websites’ do you see at the top of Google listings? 0! We have yet to meet a customer who has made a sale from such a website.

I can get my business website built cheaper abroad – yes you probably can but many customers approach us after making such a purchase months ago and still don’t have their website…or have a very disappointing brochure style website that was not what they had asked for. Also, you won’t be hosted in the UK either. Read below to see how that causes you an issue.

I can lease a website cheaper – company x just want xxx per month. This, in our view, is never a good move!
You don’t ever own on have control of your domain or website, you will be paying forever and will never actually own your website and alteration will cost you an arm and a leg! The costs often rise yearly too and you can’t complain (well you can be won’t be heard). If you stop paying for any reason, your website is gone! You cannot transfer your business website anywhere else if you experience poor service.

We have a website but it’s done nothing for our business in 2 years – yes, this is often the case if it’s just pretty, with no keyword research or onsite SEO (Search engine optimisation), no legal pages and poor content no promotion and bad coding. Get a decent business website from the start to avoid such issues. Don’t just think cheap, think effective!

I had this website built years ago, my web designer disappeared it’s no longer working and two people I’ve approached say it cannot be fixed. Sadly, some website is built with all manner of dodgy site building software and sometimes this software, ceases to exist, are not updated and the person who built it for you vanishes and no one can help apart from offering to build you a brand new website from scratch.

I paid a fortune for a website, took months to complete and now the company have handed it to me bare – there is nothing on it, no content no images and they have said I have to add all this myself or pay a huge amount for them to do so but I have no budget left I don’t know how to add this stuff? Sometimes a cheap quote is deceptive, checking before agreeing exactly what you are paying for.

I’ve had a website built but it doesn’t work on mobile phones or tablets?
My website is so slow people just click off before it loads?
My websites have been hacked and the company says it’s not their problem?
The cheaper company provide no email set-up – that costs extra or you have to learn how to do it yourself.
To change a simple item on site such as your phone number can cost-£50-£100+
If I have a problem with my website, I have to send a ticket in and they take days to respond and often just fob you off and don’t deal with the issue/error.

We also hear time and time again, I agreed to pay x for my website but after they tell me that X, Y and Z cost extra and are not included, now the cost is double the original quote.

Many web design companies take on loads of projects at once and will often make you wait weeks before they start then just work a few minutes per day on your website build, so it takes many months to be completed.

Reasons to go with a reputable, reliable company like Just Websites Kent.

(and why you’re loosing out if you don’t!)

The team at Just Websites Kent, all individually understand web design, marketing and promotion and are very experienced and always on hand for free advice, help, make additions, and apply updates etc. Google, for example, give UK website’s Brownie point if they are hosted in the UK and will rate you more highly in the search engines for this and things like:
Mobile ready websites (we provide this as standard)
Fast websites (website speed)
Good coding
Engaging, relevant content
Good keywords/spelling/grammar
Inbuilt Seo and content that is of a high standard, not poor quality, non-original often copy and pasted (stolen) content.
We use the most up to date software so even if the whole team fell into a volcano, you could find someone easily to administer your website in the case of our demise from the freak volcanic fiasco!
We respond to emails/calls for assistance often in just minutes
We have state of the art, hacker and attack hardened web servers for just our own customers (that are monitored 24/7)
We update all software used on your website and the server for you.
We use Paypal for payments – your deposits for web work with us are secure.
We talk to you, do our research and take into account your likes and needs before we even provide you with a clear, inclusive quote for your project.

We probably don’t work the same way as other companies… we take on just one job at a time and no matter how complex the whole team works on the same job and completes it in seven days or less.

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