Is Article Marketing Dead In 2019?

article marketing

Article Marketing

Loads of different tactics exist for trying to increase your website rankings. Some things work well for some business and other things work better. The truth is however, most things you do SEO wise, will have some effect if done right and are never a waste of time. Content distribution (writing articles)is a great
way (not to mention zero cost way) of marketing your product or business when done right. This method is frequently underappreciated and underutilised.

You may hear that article marketing is old hat and doesn’t work anymore… we can’t agree on that! Articles (content) when published provides a hyperlink to your website, and posting these articles to different directories on the internet can help you gain valuable backlinks, traffic and raise brand awareness
for your business. Don’t expect that one article is going to bring you thousands of new customers, think about producing articles and content on a regular basis for distribuition and the eventual snowball effect.

Write a good article, it can be informative, problem solving or fun. Make sure you include some of the keywords that you are trying to rank your business website for in the search engines. Think about your target audience as you write, who do you want to reach? Make it entertaining! Post your article on your website and share the link to it on social media.

Now write a good Bio (a bit about the author and their business)

Consider re-writing the article and contacting local media and news websites in your area and offering it to them to publish (great for local marketing). Article length can be around 600 words too many thousands perhaps split into a series of articles.

If you manage to interest your targeted audience, once the reader gets to the end of the article, he or she is invited to click on your link at the end for more information about you. If you have used the right keywords and engaged the reader, they will most likely click on to your website to take a look (website traffic) if
your very lucky, they will contact you about your service or product too. A good article (or series of them) can help to establish you as an authority in your field and build trust with your customers.

Writing and marketing your articles will increase the chances of your customers finding you, should increase your fan base on social media, will make you more visible in the search engines and a whole lot more so we say no, article marketing is certainly not dead!

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