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Gone are the days that people pick up a phone book to look for local products and services! Times have changed and people have switched to going online and Google specifically, the now familiar go-to source for all our modern needs for products and services.

Google refers to its local business listing platform now as “Google My Business”. The resulting Google My Business listings include a business’ name, address, phone number and website. This business listing information is available through many Google services — including Google Maps. Google My Business offers everything you need for a potential customer to find and use your services or buy your product. Once you’ve registered or claimed your local business listing via the Google My Business dashboard, you can respond to customer reviews and add images to help your local business promotion.

Google’s local listings are fundamentally tied up with local SEO. If you haven’t yet implemented local search terms and phrases throughout your website – you are missing out on a valuable SEO opportunity and local customers!

When users search for local keywords and or terms using Google, they will be presented with relevant local business listings, tailored to the search term they used to search.
Customers: If you want Pizza in Brighton, you don’t want to be presented with a list of pizzeria’s in London
when you Google, after all.

Businesses: If you deliver Pizza in Brighton, you will want customers to find you in your local delivery area so will want to show up in the local ‘Pizza Delivery’ listings and get found. It’s a natural and symbiotic relationship, local business needs local customers and local customers want to be able to quickly and easily find local businesses who can service their needs.

If you’re unsure if you have a Google local business listing or don’t know how to claim your Google
My Business listing and generally need help with your website your SEO and promotion, get in touch with Just Websites Kent (no matter where you are located in the UK) we can help you.

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