Be Christmas S.M.A.R.T

seasonal business promotions

Christmas and other holiday business promotions

Set Christmas goals for your website sales/business in August (yes August) the goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

You wouldn’t be trying to sell Easter eggs in the summer now, would you? Tailor products and services to the specific times of year if possible, ensure you are ready with relevant stock and advertising suitable for the next celebration coming up in the year.

Goal number 1 – more sales, yes we all want more sales! Consider how you will achieve them?

Repeat customers. For most businesses, once you have a customer, it’s far easier to keep them and garner more sales and orders from them that to find new customers! Never underestimate the value of loyal customers. Keep in touch with them all year, apply special offers for repeat custom and even consider say a Christmas card send out with all your business details included jogging their memory about you and your business.

Does your business use packaging? Make sure at Christmas, it’s Christmas themed, approaching Valentine’s day, that it’s Valentine’s day themed etc. If you offer this as an option, customers are more likely to purchase gifts for people from you as they know with the packaging and all, the gift will appear extra special when it

Oh, you don’t think this kind of promotion is relevant to your business type?
We know of a car salesman who increases his sales by 40% on/around Valentine’s day by offering a free ‘1 night’ romantic break for any couple who spend 5k plus on a new car with him, a dog walker who increases customer by 20% over the holidays by offering a special event – woodland dog walk with free Christmas gift for your pooch and a cleaning company who offers to clean and re-stock a customer fridge with essential (milk etc.) for when the customers arrive back from holiday in the summer, who says this promotion gets them heaps of new customers every year when they run it!

No matter what type of product or service your business offers-get creative with seasonal promotions and see
your profits increase!

Think these type of promotions don’t work? Well, sorry you’re wrong! Why do you think the likes of John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S etc. compete to produce the best Christmas advert each year? Well trust me, it’s not for the good of their health! (or Elf even)

Your business may not be the same size as say John Lewis but you and your business can benefit all the same!

Always advertise all special offers and promotions on your business website and social media too!

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